Write your first novel.


Edward is an app designed for new authors. He makes it easier to write a novel.

Here's some of what he has to offer:

Writing made simple with chapter tabs, a mini-map, a dictionary and thesaurus, side-by-side notes, and more.
Pre-made outline templates to get you started faster.
Visual analyses to help you understand your work.
Outlines to help you sketch out the most important parts of each chapter.
Plans to help you keep track of unlimited ideas, notes, and research.

If you're discouraged by blank pages or stumped by writer's block, Edward can help. He's an app for the writing process: planning, outlining, writing, and editing.

Edward has everything you need:

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Edward is in public beta. Many features are coming soon, including more visual analyses, universal search, tools to help you write more compelling characters and workshop settings and plotlines, and exports in more formats.

If you have questions or need help with Edward, please contact support@edwardtheapp.com.