Write your first novel.

Edward is a web app for writing novels.
It's easy to use and full of helpful technology.

Edward is just what I am looking for to carry on my novel project: simple and efficient.

—Etienne H., Luxembourg


  • Your work is saved automatically every time you make a change. Focus on your writing and the app will take care of the rest.
  • Log in on any device, anywhere: a laptop, tablet, smartphone, even a Chromebook.
  • Outline templates give you a running start. Choose the "Novel" template and Edward will lay out all the ingredients you need to bring your story to life.
  • Get an instant word, paragraph, page, and minute count for the current chapter and document any time. Whether your goal is 80,000 words or 300 minutes, it's easy to keep an eye on your progress and stay motivated.
  • Use the interactive mini-map to effortlessly scan, search and jump from paragraph to paragraph in your novel. It's the ultimate bird's-eye view of what you've written so far.
  • Search instantly by word or phrase. If you forget a character's name or misplace a vital piece of research, finding it again only takes a few seconds.
  • Use the on-demand dictionary/thesaurus to find the perfect word for any situation, or to make sure that "inconceivable" means what you think it means.
  • Get notes or chapters out of the way with the fully restorable archive, then bring them back whenever you're ready. It's an easy way to remove distractions so you can stay focused on the next chapter.
  • View data-driven charts and graphs about your novel to learn about your own style and find things to improve.
  • Download a PDF, Microsoft Word document, or full backup whenever you like. As soon as you're ready to publish, all you have to do is click a button.
  • Upgrade to a Premium account to upload all your work to the cloud. We'll back up it up regularly so it never gets lost, and you can work on it from any device, anywhere (even in airplane mode).

I've been telling every writer I know about Edward. I would not be at all surprised to see it grow to an industry standard.

—Kevin M., Idaho, USA



Limited account
  • Free forever. No credit card required.
  • Full writing interface.
  • All plans, outlines, and templates included.
  • Export to PDF or a backup any time.
  • 5 MB of insecure storage on your own computer.
  • Access your work from one device only.

$2.99 / month

Premium account
  • All Limited features.
  • 20 MB (about 10,000 pages) of storage on our servers.
  • Regular backups to keep your writing safe and secure.
  • Automatic cloud sync so you can pick up where you left off on any device.
  • Work on your novel even without an Internet connection.
  • Export to a Microsoft Word document.
  • Workshops with writing prompts to help you figure out what to write next.

$9.99 / month

Gold account
  • All Premium features.
  • 250 MB (about 125,000 pages) of storage on our servers.