Mission Statement

To make it possible for anyone to write a novel.


Edward is a writing app created by Isaac Lyman, a software engineer in Utah. Writing is his hobby; he has a B.A. in English and has been writing in multiple genres since he was a child. Edward was born out of a desire to bring novel writing out of the dark ages. Word processors and sticky notes are woefully inadequate for the challenges of long-form creative writing, yet they're what most authors use. Thanks to Isaac's experience in web technology and his love of novels, he was uniquely positioned to create a writing product that excels where traditional methods fall short.

The ultimate goal of Edward and of Novelist LLC are to use technology to lower the barrier to entry for aspiring writers. Nearly two-thirds of the population wants to write a book, but the obstacles are too great for the vast majority of them — most don't even know how to begin. Edward is designed to fill this need. Every line of code is motivated by a belief that, with the help of the right technology, novel writing can be an accessible and productive hobby for millions of people.


  • September 2017 - The very first line of code was written and Edward was born.
  • February 2018 - Novelist LLC was incorporated. The app's public beta was launched later that month.
  • March 2018 - Edward was featured on Product Hunt, leading to hundreds of signups and thousands of first impressions. Within a few weeks, the app gained its first paying users in the US, the UK, and Australia.
  • May 2018 - Edward was featured in the Lehi Free Press, a local newspaper.
  • January 2019 - Edward was featured in MakeUseOf, a technology news website.

Product Details

The core experience is a side-by-side writing page, where users can look over their notes, outlines and research while writing each chapter of their novel. Chapters are organized in separate tabs within the app. The writing page also includes a mini-map (a bird's-eye view of the current chapter), which allows instant navigation to any paragraph in the chapter, searching by word or phrase, and constant visibility into progress made. The app tracks word count, paragraph count, page count and minute count for the current chapter and the entire novel.

Other features include visual analyses of the user's writing, instant search, and free or prompted writing exercises.

Dreamer user accounts are free for an unlimited time. They do not include online storage; for these accounts the user's data is stored insecurely in their own browser and can be lost if browsing data is cleared or storage quotas are exceeded. Author accounts are $7.99 per month and include online storage of up to 20MB (about 10,000 pages) with automatic backups, as well as a few extra features in the app. Bestseller accounts are $14.99 per month and include 250MB of online storage (about 125,000 pages) and all Author account features.


Edward is open-source. The full code of the app (minus security-sensitive information) is publicly available online at GitHub. It was built with cutting-edge web technologies such as Vue, NodeJS, Babel, and Webpack.


Branding, app screenshots, and other media are available at this public Dropbox folder.


For interviews, quotes, or other press-related inquiries, send an email to